Assessing biodiversity
using DNA

We specialize in environmental monitoring and assessment.
We use DNA based technologies to track individual species and assess biodiversity of macro- and microorganisms.

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Discover biodiversity through eDNA by collaborating with us

eDNA technology has already proven its value in tracking biodiversity and rare organisms, such as invasive or endangered species, that we as a society would like to keep tabs on.

Tracking single species - We apply eDNA based technologies to detect and quantify single species in the environment. These technologies are based on real time PCR assays. We have also develop droplet based digital and isothermal PCR approaches to track individual species.

High throughput sequencing - Using amplicon sequencing and random shotgun sequencing of entire communities, we can assess biodiversity from micro- to macroorganisms inhabiting a wide range of environments.

Project design – We can also help you in planning and carrying out your barcoding and metaboarcoding initiatives, all the way from sample collection and preparation to data analysis.

Bioinformatics -
support and consultancy

We have long experience in applying and developing a wide range of bioinformatics and statistical software applications. Anything from automated analysis pipelines to novel data processing algorithms and infrastructure development. Check out our cloud-based analysis platform Sequenceit.

Data analysis - We are up-to-date with the latest technologies used in genomic research, and can thus provide our clients with the most proficient methods to analyze high throughput sequencing data.

Software development - Big data does not directly imply useful information. Suitable algorithms are needed to provide interpretable results, and each biological project has very specific computational needs. We can help you in the design and creation of bioinformatic tools customized to your needs and requirements.


At eDNAsolutions we have a long experience with University teaching and our goal is to effectively transfer our skills and know-how to your team. Our range of courses focus on specific bioinformatic pipelines and analysis methods but we also give practical training in DNA sampling, quantitative PCR and statistics.


Alex Eiler


Alex is the founder of eDNA solutions AB and has more than a decade of experience with lab-based and computer oriented eDNA methods. He also holds a position as Associate Professor at the University of Oslo where he leads a research team specialized in Next Generation Sequencing and data analysis. He has a background in ecology and genetics and combines molecular biology, bioinformatics and statistics to develop new eDNA technology.

Omneya Ahmed

Molecular biologist

Omneya has more than 10 years experience with large scale metabarcoding and meta-´omic´ sequencing projects and research. She has been the leader or collaborator on projects on biocontrol of algal blooms, mercury methylation, food health hazard as well as gut- and urban microbiomes. Her main role as a senior scientist is to develop and adapt novel molecular assays to track biota in the environment.